Social Letters:

 International activities:
 1) Letters to world authorities and global prominent organizations:
   a) The plea to the United Nations Secretary-General to hold an open referendum in Iran , 2009
   b) To UN Security Council , 2009
   c) The New President of the USA, Barack Obama, December, 2008.
   d) His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, 2006.
   e) Mr. Kofi Annan Former United Nations Secretary-General, 2006.
   f) The EU Foreign Policy chief Javier Solana, 2006.
   g) The Nobel Peace Committee, 2007, 2008.
   h) Former President of USA, George W. Bush, 2007.
   i) The French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, 2007.
   j) The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, 2007.
   k) The Senior Iraqi Shiite Cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, 2007.
   l) The letter to the Ulema and teachers of Al-Azhar University , 2009
   m) To the conference of the Prosecutors of the Islamic countries in Tehran , 2009
   n) Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s message to the G-20 summit in London , 2009
   o) His invitation to public unity against religious despotism , 2009
   p) The message to the next conference on the relations between Iran and arab world , 2009
   q) The letter to secretary general of Lebanon, Seyed Hasan Nasrollah , 2009
   r) The letter to honorable members of United States Commission on International Religious, 2009

Internal Letters:
1- Sending letters and reminders to the Iranian religious and governmental authorities about injustice of religious regime;
  a) The joint letter to the leader, head of the judiciary and other officials, 2004.
  b) The joint letter to seminaries and religious clerics, 2001.
  c) The Chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council of Iran ,2009.
  d) Letter to Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad, the President of Iran, 2006.
  e) Ayatollah Boroujerdi’s questions from the director of the committee on citizen Rights ,2009.
  f) The Special Court of Clergy for Restoration of his own Confiscated Documents and Books , 2009.