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Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s complaint to the conference of the Prosecutors of the Islamic countries in Tehran


In the name of that Prosecutor and supporter who is well-know for His forgiveness and His anger is a result of His endless grace and mercy

High- ranking judicial officers of Islamic countries:

Please accept the greetings of an exiled prisoner from unjust and appalling prisons of Islamic Republic of Iran.

I am a liberal and anti-despotism leader. My sin as a clergy, who is opposed to mixing religion with politics, is so capital and unforgivable! Because I have warned and announced that my compatriots are continuously abandoning of the traditional religion of this sacred and oppressed country and I have expressed and reflected the voice of my countrymen about opposition to religious dictatorship.

Although I have had public and practical movements and activities in Islamic thought and culture area for more than 30 years and I am from well-known family of Al-e-Aaraj and I descend from the excellent and unique family of the Prophet Mohammed and holy lady Fatima, but I have been attacked and violated credit, finance, physically and mentally by prosecution of Islamic Republic of Iran for a few years, my mother was murdered in this way and my family was violated too and while I’m only 51 years old I have become old and decrepit due to different tortures and the international physicians are not allowed to examine and treat me as a hostage of injustice and harshness ,by judicial authorities of the government.

Moreover my trials were held in darkness conditions of despotism of unjust and imposed judges and they recorded and offered a forced trial with censorship to the current history of Iran! Although I am a political and opinion accused, but my trials was fabricated and held behind the closed doors as I didn’t have right to choose an independent and non governmental lawyer and reporters without borders weren’t allowed to attend and be present in it.

Now that the religious imperialism founders of Iran are your host, I ask conscientious people to send a representative to visit me to become informed about my real demands and stances as a religious prisoner and about the cruelty and crimes of those who claim to religion, justice and republicanism.
I make complaint against all criminals in current history of the world to just and competent prosecutors and I refuge to your creator from your ignorance and inattention to my complaint.

Thank you very much
Seyed Hosein Kazemeini Boroujerdi

Monday, 20 April 2009- Yazd prison


دادخواست آقاي كاظميني بروجردي به اجلاس دادستانهاي كشورهاي اسلامي در تهران

به نام دادستاني كه به رحمانيت مشهور است و غضبش تاثيربردار از بخشش هاي بي كرانش مي باشد

مقامات عالي قضائي كشورهاي اسلامي،

سلام زنداني تبعيدي را از اسارتگاه هاي ظالمانه و مشقت بار جمهوري اسلامي ايران بپذيريد.

من يك پيشواي آزاديخواه و ضد استبدادي هستم. گناه اين روحاني مخالف اختلاط ديانت با سياست، بسي بزرگ و نابخشودني است! زيرا كه زنگ خطر خروج بي وقفه و دسته جمعي هموطنانم را از دين آباء و اجدادي اين سرزمين مظلوم و مقدس، به صدا درآورده و طنين ملتم را در مخالفت با ديكتاتوري مذهبي، پژواك داده ام.

با آنكه بيش از سي سال است كه در حوزه فكر و فرهنگ اسلامي، فعاليت رسمي و علني و عملي دارم و از خاندان مشهور آل اعرج مي باشم و نسبي ممتاز و كم نظير از شجره نبوي و فاطمي داشته ام، اما بي رحمانه و وحشيانه چندين سال است كه مورد تعرضات و تهاجمات روحي و جسمي و اعتباري و مالي دادستاني جمهوري اسلامي ايران قرار دارم و در اين راستا، مادرم به قتل رسيد و خانواده ام به تعدي كشيده شد؛ خودم نيز در نتيجه اعمال شكنجه هاي مختلف، در سن پنجاه و يك سالگي فرسوده و فرتوت گرديده ام و به خاطر ممانعت مسئولين قضائي حاكم بر كشور، پزشكان مورد تاييد مجامع حقوقي جهان، اجازه معاينات و معالجات از اين گروگان بي عدالتي و خشونت طلبي را نيافتند.

همچنين محاكماتم در فضاي تيره اي از خودكامگي قضات تحميلي برپا شد و محكمه اي سانسوري و زوري را به تاريخ معاصر ايران منعكس نمودند! با آنكه من يك متهم سياسي اعتقادي بودم اما جلسات دادگاه، ساختگي و از پيش تعيين شده و در پشت درهاي بسته صورت گرفت و حق انتخاب وكيل مستقل و منفك از حكومت را نيافتم و به خبرنگاران بدون مرز، مجوز ورود ندادند.

اينك كه بانيان استعمار ديني ايران ميزبان شما هستند، از صاحبان وجدان مي خواهم تا نماينده اي براي ملاقات با من بفرستيد تا از مواضع واقعي اين رهبر مذهبي زنداني با خبر شويد و در جريان قساوتها و جنايتهاي مدعيان ديانت و جمهوريت و عدالت، قرار بگيريد.

از همه جانيان تاريخ معاصر جهان، به دادستانهاي عادل و صالح شكايت مي كنم و از بي اعتنائي شما نسبت به دادخواستم، به آفريدگارتان پناه مي برم.

با سپاس سيد حسين كاظميني بروجردي