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President George W.Bush Criticized the Suppression of Ayatollah Boroujerdi
Following the case of Ayatollah Boroujerdi through the Swedish Parliament
Following the case of Ayatollah Boroujerdi through the Swedish Parliament(Text)
Following the case of Ayatollah Boroujerdi through the EU
Former Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi Criticized the Arrest of Ayatollah Boroujerdi
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Ayatollah Seyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi as a religious liberal
has helped the separation between religion and state and invited the followers of
different religions to peace and friendship for a long time.
He has also tried to attain religious freedom for all people.

Nowadays, many experts believe that religious government specially Velayat-e-Faqih is religious dictatorship and exploitation moreover they call it as one of the biggest problems against international peace caused many of wars, terrors and violences in worldwide especially in middle east.
The base of the movement of Mr. Kazemeini Boroujerdi is separating religion from state that leads to removing fanaticism, suppression, religious violence and religious and sexual discriminations and also causes deleting inhuman penalties like: execution, torture, flogging , stoning and imprisonment.
According to the available documents of the activities of this religious leader, he is the only prominent clergy and the only democrat warrior in Iran who has expressed the above important items through the highest religious suffocation, obviously by speeches, communications and public interviews and has asked for perfect implementation of the articles of Human Rights charter of the United Nations and also has asked for freedom of press, speech, belief and religion. He has succeeded to get support and agreement of a great population of people on this matter.
Governmental clergies in Iran have tried to make him be silent or oblige him to collude by every kind of invasions, detentions, tortures, torments and restricts, but this warrior peacemaker who imprisoned and exiled in very bad conditions in a faraway city, has announced that he will never leave his demands and campaign till establishing peace, justice and freedom, and he will continue this campaign even inside appalling prisons of Iran.,1518,488096,00.html,4670,IranClericDetained,00.html,11590,2910206,00.html

President George W Bush during speech at the Islamic Center of Washington, 27 Jun 2007, criticized the violence of a self-appointed vanguard in Iran who has presumed to speak for Muslims. He also reproved suppression of apolitical Muslim leader in Iran, Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi, who has imprisoned because of advocating separation between religion and state. President said that Ayatollah Boroujerdi has called them as religious dictators and said he is a great shia cleric who is called infidels and betrayers from that self-appointed vanguard. Please search in this address:

Following the case of Ayatollah Boroujerdi through the Swedish Parliament

February/16/2009 Stockholm/Sweden
For Urgent Attention of:
UN High Commissioner of Human Rights
EU Human Rights Commission
International Committee of the Red Cross
Amnesty international

From: Members of the Swedish Parliament and the political party (Folkpartiet Liberalerna) Subject: Call for the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi.

We, the members of Swedish Parliament from Liberal Party (Folkpartiet Liberalerna), inform you that the liberal cleric Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi’s life is in critical danger.
This prisoner of conscience advocates the separation of religion from state and the establishment of peace and justice. He was arrested on 8 October 2006 by security forces in Tehran after a month long siege. He stood trial behind the closed doors of the Special Court of Clergy without access to legal representation. In addition to being defrocked, he was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment in Tehran and 10 years exile in a prison located in the province of Yazd, hundreds of kilometres away from his family. His house and all of his belongings were confiscated.
According to published reports and statements by human rights organizations, as result of being subjected to physical and mental torture, his physical and mental conditions have deteriorated critically.
We demand the authorities mentioned above send a team to Iran without delay to investigate and report on the condition of Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeini Boroujerdi. We also demand that these authorities appeal to the Islamic Republic of Iran to:
1. Abide by its obligations under the UN Charter of Human Rights;
2. Publicly announce the formal charges brought against him Ayatollah Boroujerdi;
3. Allow an internationally reputed lawyer to have access to him;
4. Provide conditions for his lawyer to investigate and have access to all documents in his dossier; and,
5. Provide international media access to him.

We shall be at your service for any additional information that you may require.

Birgitta Ohlsson, Member of the Swedish parliament/ Member Committee on Foreign Affairs
Erik Ullenhag, General Secretary of the Liberal Party
Cecilia Wigström, Member of the Swedish parliament, from the Liberal Party
Avni Dervishi, Chairman of International Affairs, Liberal Immigrant Organization
Anita Brodén, Member of the Swedish parliament, from the Liberal Party
Fred Saberi, President of Iranian International Liberal Association in Sweden
Gunnar Andren, Member of the Swedish Parliament, representing the Liberal Party.

Following the case of Ayatollah Boroujerdi through the EU

The peaceful speeches and works of Ayatollah Boroujerdi for promotion of separation between religion and politics and his tries for religious freedom caused illegal governmental incursion to him and his followers in October 2006 for several times. Many human rights organizations and the former Nobel peace prize laureate, Mrs. Shirin Ebadi has protested and criticized this suppression

The Center for Human Rights Defenders in Iran (CHRD), managed by Mrs. Shirin Ebadi awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 2003, has issued 2 declarations and has criticized the arrest of a controversial cleric and some of his supporters who advocates the separation of religion and politics, a taboo topic in Islamic Iran. 

Dear fellow citizens,

The illegal arrest of Ayatollah Kazemayni Boroujerdi and his supporters is a clear example of violation of human rights and the constitution. We at the Centre for the Defense of Human Rights condemn this act and demand the unconditional release of the Ayatollah and all those arrested along with him.
The Centre for the Defense of Human Rights


Dear fellow citizens,

The arrest of Ayatollah Kazemayni Boroujerdi and his supporters is against the standards set in the penal code and relevant articles of the Iranian constitution.
The news disseminated through the media points to the fact that the relevant legal procedures delineated in the penal code, including the requirement to summon the accused to the judicial authorities (and issuance of the arrest warrant only after this step has been taken) have not been adhered to.

The legal provisions set to protect civil rights and the inviolable articles of the Covenant on Civil and Political and rights, which since Iran is a signatory of, form part of our legal system. Therefore, it is our hope that both during interrogation sessions and court proceedings these provisions are adhered to.

We at the Centre for the Defense of Human Rights draw the attention of the Attorney General to the necessity of applying the laws, which he has established, to this particular case.
The Centre for the Defense of Human Rights

Upholding of Religious Leader who is Opponent to Religious Government, Ayatollah Kazemeini Boroujerdi in front of UN Habitat during 63st Session of the United Nations General Assembly, 2008:

Public Protest of Followers of Different Religions because of Human Rights Violation in Iran and Continuance of Imprisoning Ayatollah Boroujerdi in front of Ahmadi Nejad Residence Hotel in New York:

Assembly of Ayatollah Boroujerdi's Supporters in defending of his peaceful opinions about world peace especially between Arabs and Israel:

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